Project Woodland

I love gardening, I love nature and I love wildlife.. so combining them all makes complete sense to me.

Our garden has seen many changes over the 23 years we have lived here.. I have plenty of photos to prove this! But over the past few years we have been making our garden as wildlife friendly as possible… Like the RSPB advert stated, build it and they will come… and come they did. Our garden is becoming the best it’s ever been and our new project ‘woodland’ will make it better still.

We already have a small wooded area at the bottom of the garden and we are now in the process of enlarging this.. planting more trees and shrubs.  Earlier in the year The Woodland Trust were giving away 5 free tree saplings to a certain number of people who registered.. this was for the Queen’s Commonwealth Canopy.. I registered and was lucky enough to get them.  The other day the little saplings arrived, 2 silver birch, 2 rowans and 1 hazel, so I potted them up to grow a little bigger before we put them in the garden.

We went to our local nursery that specialises in trees and when we got there we found that all their trees were half price in a sale, so we were able to buy more then we’d planned.  We bought an acer campestre (field maple), another betula pendula (silver birch – we already have one in the garden and the 2 saplings), carpinus betulus (hornbeam), fagus salvatica (common beech), tilia cordata (small leaved lime) and 2 apple trees Lord Derby (cooker) and Melrose (eater).  These will be planted soon.

I shall end this first post with a photo of the wooded area we already have.




7 thoughts on “Project Woodland

  1. Looks lovely. We too started off with some free trees from the woodland trust nearly 30 years ago. They have grown into a woodland nature reserve. Good luck with your planting and thank you for following my blog. Karen

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