Robin Red Breast

Yesterday, on the last day of October, we had our first frost of this Autumn/Winter season.  The overnight temperature got down as low as 0.2°C (32.36°F) and although it was cold when I took the dog for a walk at 7am, the sun was shining and continued to shine most of the day and the temperature managed to rise to 12.7°C (54.86°F).

We’ve been busy clearing the area where we want to start planting some of our trees and we are hoping to get some planted either tomorrow and/or over the weekend.  We have had some rain on and off over the past few days, including today, so the ground should be nice and damp.

Whilst we’ve been busy in the garden we have been accompanied by one of the things that always brightens the dullest of days and that is a gorgeous robin.  He has been singing us his beautiful song, which always makes us stop a while to watch and listen.  He has also been dropping in to see if he can quickly gobble up a morsel or 2 of food, in the form of some unsuspecting bug or worm.

Here are just a few photos I’ve taken of robins during the year.


I will do an update soon about the progress of the tree planting.





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