Tree Planting

We’ve been busy tree and shrub planting, but before we got to this stage changes had to be made.  You can see in the first collage of photos the changes we made on one side.  We dismantled and took away the last 2 raised beds in the vegetable garden… took down the chicken run and rebuilt a smaller version on the other side of the chicken hut.  Once our 6 elderly girls are no longer with us the whole hut and run will be taken away and more trees and shrubs will be planted to join up this wooded area with the wooded area at the end.

There was a central path going between the veg/chicken run area and the fruit cage (that can be seen in the second lot of photos), we did away with that and made 2 new paths that go off to the left and right.  The one you can see in these photos only go as far as the chicken hut at present but in the coming years, when the hut and run are no longer there, this path will continue into the wooded area that is already there and join with the path on the right and then on to the back gate.  The row of lavenders you can see were only planted last year, so I dug them up and put them into pots and they will be planted elsewhere in the garden at a later date.


This next set of photos show the other side.  The fruit cage was dismantled and the raspberry canes were put into part of the veg patch area, like wise the 2 gooseberry bushes.  The four blueberry bushes in there, which were in their own pots due to needing acidic soil, were re-potted into bigger pots, with fresh compost (a mix of multipurpose and ericaceous) and they were also put in the veg area.  The blackcurrants inside the cage and the red currants outside the cage on the right were left in situ until we started the tree/shrub planting and they are now replanted amongst them.  The rhubarb moved to in front of the trellis you see in the 4th photo, and the raised beds dismantled.

There were grass paths between the 2 raised veg beds on the left hand side, so we took this up and made the grass path on this side.  This will be the main path we walk for the time being, due to the other path going no where at present.  So using the grass will mean a less muddy path to walk on during the Winter months.  Once all the trees and shrubs that we had were planted, we collected some leaves from the bottom of the garden and sprinkled them to take away the bareness of the soil.  But of course since taking the photos we have had some winds and they are now all over the left hand side.. haha, oh well they looked nice for the photos… and of course as the trees and shrubs grow we’ll have a lot of natural leaf fall.

You will notice that some of the ivy that covers the row of garages that back onto our garden has had a trim, especially off the top, as it was getting top heavy and was liable to fall down in bad winds.  We still have some to do but that’ll be done at a later date.  We love this ivy as it a haven for wildlife, the birds love to nest in it and the bees and other pollinating insects love the flowers.  You might also notice that the chicken hut has had a coat of paint and new felt put on the roof.. it’s not quite the eye sore it was before.


We decided to put our large concrete hedgehog, we’ve had for a number of years, on a block of wood at the entrance to the wooded area.  He is lovely and has moss and lichens growing on him. I think it is all starting to come together and is looking great.





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